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장문경  가천대학교 경영학부 조교수


관심분야   데이터사이언스

Degree    박사



서울대학교 대학원 경영학과 경영학박사

경희대학교대학원 경영학과 경영학석사

경희대학교 경영학과 학사

주요 연구분야

​데이터 사이언스

​대표 연구실적

1. Jang, Moonkyoung, Dokyung Kim and Hyunmi Baek, "How Do Global Audiences of TV Shows Take Shape? Evidence from Netflix", Applied Economic Letters, 2021.

2. Jang, Moonkyoung, Hyunmi Baek, and Seongcheol Kim, “Movie characteristics as determinants of download-to-own performance in the Korean video-on-demand market”, Telecommunication Policy, 45(7), 2021. 

3. Jang, Moonkyoung, Yoonhyuk Jung, and Seongcheol Kim, “Investigating managers’ understanding of chatbots in the Korean financial industry,” Computers in Human Behavior, 120. July 2021, 

4. Baek, Hyunmi, Moonkyoung Jang, and Seongcheol Kim, “Does rule change cause activity change? An empirical study of online news comments in Korea”, Telecommunication Policy, 44(8). September 2020. 

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