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김성필  UNIST 바이오메디컬공학과 부교수 

관심분야  뇌-컴퓨터 인터페이스 

Degree   박사



Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, UNIST

2005. Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida

2000. M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida

1994. B.S. in Nuclear Engineering, Seoul National University

​웹사이트 주소 :

주요 연구분야

뇌-컴퓨터 인터페이스 (Brain-Computer Interfaces)

뇌 모방 인공지능 (Neuron Inspired AI)

뇌질환 뇌파 지표 (EEG biomarkers of neurological disorders)

뉴로마케팅 (Neuromarketing)

인공 촉각 (Artificial Tactile Perception)

대표 연구실적

[1] Lee, T., Kim, M., & Kim, S. P. (2020). Improvement of P300-Based Brain–Computer Interfaces for Home Appliances Control by Data Balancing Techniques. Sensors, 20(19), 5576.

[2] Lee, S., Lee, T., Yang, T., Yoon, C., & Kim, S. P. (2020). Detection of Drivers’ Anxiety Invoked by Driving Situations Using Multimodal Biosignals. Processes, 8(2), 155.

[3] Kim, J., Bülthoff, I., Kim, S. P., & Bülthoff, H. H. (2019). Shared neural representations of tactile roughness intensities by somatosensation and touch observation using an associative learning method. Scientific reports, 9(1), 1-13.

[4] Kang, J. H., Jo, Y. C., & Kim, S. P. (2018). Electroencephalographic feature evaluation for improving personal authentication performance. Neurocomputing, 287, 93-101.

[5] Yang, T., Lee, S., Seomoon, E., & Kim, S. P. (2018). Characteristics of human brain activity during the evaluation of service-to-service brand extension. Frontiers in human neuroscience, 12, 44.

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